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Gayakayuku is leading store and manufacturer of all wooden things.
Our company established in first of  year 2020.
Begin from the love of the wood grain, with some idea we create something useful product for daily life.
Our product such as wooden dining ware / Table ware, Wooden Cutlery

, Kitchen Utensils, wooden  home decoration, Furniture, and etc.
Most of our product are made by hand with talented high skill.

Explore all of our product in these website:

Dinning / Table ware product

Wooden tableware are things that we use on daily basis and are essential in all household.

For that very reason, the demand for increased significantly and so has the competition in this specific industry.

Well, Gayakayuku has made sure that with their capabilities of producing quality wooden tableware, they have always managed to stand up tall in this competitive and fast paced industries.

With their state of art, production unit, they have to managed to produce huge 1000+ annually.

Most of our product Dinning / Table ware are using Food Safe contact material finishing, non chemical material added.

Gorgeous Combinations Teak Wood Bowl with Preciouses Metal.

Have some idea how to serve your foods?

As you know, serving the foods is a part of the arts…

“It’s not matter of the taste, the way to serve also can be raised the value of the foods…”


Most of our product are made of teak wood with gorgeous natural pattern and food safe contact finishing.

look on our wooden serving selection…

Kitchen Utensils

Various utensils for kitchen…

Talk about kitchen… chopping, cutting, serving, and keeping foods or spices.

Something hot, hygienic, safe, and easy…?

Wooden kitchen utensils can meet these criteria…

There are various style of wooden utensils in our store.

Bathroom Accessories

Bring wooden accessories to your bathroom…

Combining wooden accent will make an exclusive bathroom in your home

Liquid Dispenser

Home Decorations

Inspire your sweet home decorations

“Bring natural element in to your home…”

We have wide spread assortment of presented.

We are the perfect choice of Made in Indonesia and home decorations product in the least possible price.




Fashion Accessories.

Fashion wooden accessories…

Make your fashion style difference by combining natural wooden on your body.

Some wooden material choice Gaharu wood, Sandal Wood, Tamarind wood, and Coffee wood.


We do retail and wholesale service with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement.

For Wholesale product cataloque request, Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Payment Methods

Gayakayuku Accept payments through Telegraphic Transfer, Credit card trough email payment gateway, PayPal, or other like or Western Union.


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